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Whilst he recorded many singles, extended plays and albums
there were the major hits which stood out from those others that also received plays.

The list below reflects the biggest of his hits
on their first release except for 'Shout' which did it again in 1964.

This was the year of the English invasion and
the start of the dimming of the first original Rock'n'Roll lights around the world.


Australia's leading on-line shop that specializes in the early Australian Rock'n'Roll era.

Links to many stars and associated sites.



Roots of Aussie Rock

Stories about the early Rock'n'Roll era.

Features a Membership area with many more stories, pictures, interviews etc etc..

Lonnie Lee.comG

Site for a good friend and peer of Johnny O'keefe, who is still performing today with his own show.

Unofficial J.O'K Site

A true fan has dedicated much time and effort to this great J.O'K site

Shout - The Story of Johnny O'Keefe (1985)

Whilst we know this video movie portrayal of J.O'K and Lee Gordon is far removed from the truth, it shows the real legend is worthy of great distortion.
This is only ever done to TRUE

Kolozsy Sculptors

This respected sculptor has completed some small J.O'K productions and is now completing a 3 metre statue of J.O'K

JJohnny O'Keefe - Boomerang Boy.

A page dedicated to J.O'K on a Rockabilly site.

Some Australian Internet radio stations

Not necessarily classic or early rock..

Lonnie Lee Radio on air 24/7


An brief overview of the Australian early rock scene.

Tribute Site

to J.O'K

More to come..

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