ST804 Starlite Records

The Living Legends of SIX O'CLOCK ROCK

Many of the regular stars of Australia's first live music Rock show got together
in the mid 80's and recorded either their own hits or those of J O'K,
The Delltones and Johnny Rebb.
Great orchestra with The Flanagans vocal group with Claire Poole
who were on most of the original hits.

Excellent reviews and a great historic CD, Vinyl and cassette album.


1 Lonnie Lee Starlight Starbright
2 Barry Stanton Beggin' on my knees
3 Noelene Batley Barefoot Boy
4 Alan Dale She's my baby
5 The Fauns/Flanagans Get a little dirt on your hands
6 Johnny Devlin Doreen
7 Adam/Ian B McLeod I wanna Love you
8 Lonnie Lee Yes Indeed I do
9 Lucky Starr I've been everywhere
10 Warren Williams A Star fell from heaven
11 Roland Storm Sing Sing Sing
12 Lonnie Lee I found a new love
13 De Kroo Bros Hey Sheriff
14 Tony Brady I'm Counting on you
15 Jay Justin Proud of you
16 Woomera Orchestra 55 Days at Peking

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